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Interior Design

There are different ways to approach interior design. At Yorkville Design Centre, our interior design adds important value to your home.

The design team at Yorkville Design Centre is trained in both Interior Design and Architecture. We concentrate on how to take the image of the way you want to live and make that image work for you on many levels—not just as eye candy.

How do we do this? By thinking about what really matters to you. We consider what it means for you to wake up and eat breakfast with your kids in the morning sunshine, come home from a busy day at the office to relax in peace and quiet, or host an extended family gathering for your daughter’s post-secondary graduation. We design for all seasons—for the cold and snow of winter, the mud and new growth of spring, the relaxed ease of summer, and the anxious anticipation of fall. Thoughts like this in design go way beyond what colour to paint your room or how many cushions to put on your sofa.

We help clients redesign their homes by bringing life to their existing spaces with the use of furniture, appliances, placement, fabric, lighting, flooring as well as window and wall treatments. Each of these design elements is thoughtfully considered to add beauty and value to your home in improving the way it functions for you.

Thinking of redesigning your living space? The professionals at Yorkville Design Centre would be pleased to meet you in your home or at our showroom to discuss your dreams for improving the life of your home.